What are the benefits of SIRAPoint, Inc? Well, at SIRAPoint, Inc., we have standards to when it comes to public notification. We have 2 sirens with over 150 watts of warning sound to the public that gets people's attention of residents of incoming danger.

Xenia, Ohio. 1974. The Tornado Outbreak. A F5 Tornado hit the town, killing 34 and injuring 1,150. Xenia had no sirens and only 70% used radios, and 30% used TV's. No sirens.

Cleveland, Ohio. August 28th, 2009. A Tornado Warning was issued for Cuyahoga County at 2:39 PM. At 4:02 PM, A Rotation was spotted in Strongsville, Ohio. At 4:04 PM, SIRAPoint, Inc. turned on the sirens and gave the area the message. A Voice test stated that: A Tornado was spotted. Seek Shelter. SIRAPoint, Inc. Did the job.

The benefits of having a warning system is that you can know that your friends and family are relying on a siren system when playing or relaxing outside with some warning that could help them with their lives. SIRAPoint, Inc.'s sirens covers an area of over +1.5 miles of alerting the residents of Cuyahoga County.

We test our sirens every Saturday at 12:00 Noon exactly with Cuyahoga County Sirens.